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The oldest building in old Meergate, the Tudor house was built in 1525 and is a unique example of a ´transitional house´- bridging the gap between the medieval open-hall and early modern houses with two storeys throughout. 

The building was clearly of high status with distinctly ´showy´features, including close studding and oriel windows. 

Many of these features were advanced for their time, including glazed windows and two chimneys at a time when one would have been noteworthy. 

The plaster ceiling is a later addition and has beautiful Tudor roses, dolphins, pomegranates, fleur-de-lis with a frieze from 1610-1625 with Prince of Wales pattern.

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Over the years, the building has been home to Master Mariners, Flemish weavers, Cordwainers and farmers.  A 1776 map shows a sizeable farmyard surrounding the dwelling, including a malthouse, which still exists to the rear, built to make Barley Beer. 

Much of this land was subsequently sold off, but the beautiful gardens surrounding the house are now lovingly tendered by our volunteers.

Guided Tours will be offered to visitors during our opening times. The Tudor House is currently under refurbishment



  Tudor House, King Street, Margate, CT9 1DA


01843 227996


Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

11.30am - 2.30pm

The Tudor House is currently under refurbishment


under 16                FREE

Adults                   £2.00

Seniors                 £1.50

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Some examples of the colourful historic exhibits on display in the Tudor House

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